What is brand activation? Why it is important?

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What is brand activation? – The brand activation is a phrase that means a process for make people know your brand, increase people’s awareness and engagement with some of brand experience kinds. When you start your own business, there are nobody that know you and they may be ignore and say nothing to your brand.  It means that you brand is none, lifeless, and therefore you need to activate it before anyone use and promote them.

What is brand activation? Why it is important?

Is it a brand marketing?

Yes, in short it is likely with the brand marketing. Except, this is specially refers to the process for make your brand state from one to other. The brand activation is the marketing discipline that relatively new and become popular recently years. This is the art for attract consumer through the experiential brand and interaction with them. This is the way for create emotional connection with consumer and make them as long term loyal consumer to the new brand product.

Do and Don’ts brand activation

• The brand activation must be considered as crucial part from marketing approach. This should not take as alone.

• The campaign take should be suit well with the market condition and due to market testing to know the market sound before the rollout national market place.

• Consider the entire option of brand activation to suit with space and workout that perfect fit with budget and brand. The most important is considering which strategy that will give the best investment return that based from the campaign objectives.

• Choose good agency for help your brand activation. Do you know that there are specialist brand activation agencies that have experts in this field and dedicated for create good campaigns for deliver the brand objectives? Hire them for best result.

After all, the entire thing is not only about sales. The branded events campaign means that there are right strategies that employ effectively for generate for trial, people awareness, brand switching and consumer brand loyalty.

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